Monday, August 10, 2015

What to do when you have an empty house to sell?

  Well, you have made the decision and you are putting your home up for sale.  Great!  This can be a wondrous and exciting adventure, but for some it can be stressful, for example when you move into your new home, but your previous home hasn't sold yet.
  So, what happens in scenario #2?  You can spend thousands of dollars to have your home staged; rent or borrow furniture (but let's be honest, who really wants to do that moving all over again - not to mention any scuffs and scrapes the house may incur in the process).  You will be advised by real estate agents, and friends alike that it will be easier for a potential client to envision themselves living in your home if they can see how warm and inviting it can be, not to mention how they can place their furniture, and I agree 100%.  So, how do you go about staging your house without breaking the bank?  Virtual Staging.
   The process of virtual staging is as follows.  A photographer will go and take photos of your empty home.  We can then add in the furniture necessary to show your home at it's full potential!  I have included some examples below.  Which would you be more attracted to?

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