Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One of my favorite local places

A few weeks ago I was given the honor of photographing one of our local (Embrun, ON) new businesses.  I was invited into Avlis Salon & Wellness Spa to photograph their beautiful new location.  Maria is always a gem, and along with their team have made such a warm and inviting place to go and be pampered.  Now, I'm not a gal who goes out and gets pampered, but just being in this spa makes you feel beautiful.  It's always easy to have picturesque images when you have such a beautiful canvas to work with.  This place just makes you melt, from the beautiful red brick exterior, to the comforting and warm rooms through every door, and don't forget the waiting area that makes you never want to leave!
Taking photos of the locations our local entrepreneurs have taken from dreams to reality is always a pleasure.  To see what they have taken from their head and heart, and be able to capture it forever in print always amazes.  These photos are the first glimpse into what you can expect when you set foot through the doors of these wonderful locales, and with local business owners, you know you will always get a smile and warm welcome.  
See for yourself what this beautiful spa/wellness center and it's sweet caring owner can offer.

"All our dreams can come true..... If we have the courage to pursue them" - Unknown

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