Sunday, June 21, 2015

Portrait Perfect

Are you one of the many people who cringe when they hear that they have to have their photo taken?
Do you spend all of your time making funny faces in photos or selfie's with friends?
Well rest assure, there are many like you out there!
I have previously scoured the internet far and wide, looking at both photos and tips and have come up with a list I believe can help anyone stressed about a photo session.

How to pose for your portrait

Avoid stiffness.  The entire purpose of a photo is to look natural.
Angle your face slightly away from the camera, that way shadows are created along the cheekbones and nose.
Tilt your chin down.  Having a high chin looks unnatural (and can also position the camera to look up the nose)
Keep your eyes closed for a few second before the photo is taken – this will help to avoid blinking mid-shot
Keep your eyes wide open, but avoid looking scared.   Droopy eye-lids cause a sleepy look
Make sure your eyebrows are relaxed.  They are just as important as your eyes in showing emotion.
Use a natural smile & always smile with your teeth (even a little bit)
Wet your lips before smiling (either lick them or use lip balm)
Angle your body – taking a photo straight on adds weight and makes you seem out of proportion.  Turn about 2/3 angle (it also gives a slimming appearance to your body)
Don’t slouch – good posture makes your appear taller and slimmer
Find a place for your hands – don’t leave them just laying to your sides.  Don’t be afraid to rest them at your pockets or put one hand on your hip.
Always bend your fingers.
Avoid putting your hands open near your face, or clasping your hands.

Relax your shoulders.  Also, your shoulders should never be directly facing the camera – always turned on a slight angle.

Other Tips:

Clothing & Accessories
Make sure all of your clothing is clean and wrinkle-free, including uniforms or gowns.
Solid colours or simple pattern work best
Medium to dark shades will create a timeless look, whereas soft shades will enhance lighter backgrounds.
Avoid shirts with slogans or logos
Avoid large accessories.  Remember simple is best
Make sure your shoes and socks match your outfit – they may show up in some shots
Feel free to wear your glasses.  They are a part of you, and we can adjust lights or poses to help minimize any glare.
Traditional Outfits/Military Uniforms: When the clothing is thematic, then the full official attire should be worn.

Avoid getting a new hairstyle or cut right before your photo shoot.
Limit your sun or tanning bed time prior to your session.
Make sure your nails are trimmed and if you do your nails prior, clear or neutral colors work best

Quick Tips
Check your hair right before camera time
Check your shirt collar (and tie if applicable) right before camera time
Wear the colors that look the best on you

And most important…. Relax and Have fun!

"Photography is the beauty of life" - Tara Chisholm

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